NO on (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act

Very often bills proposed in congress do the exact opposite of what the name implies. What’s worse is when the contents of the bill threaten fundamental rights as Americans. Such is the case with the (dis)Respect for Marriage Act, H.R. 8404.

The bill, which would unconstitutionally redefine marriage on the national level, does so at the expense of those who have deeply-held religious beliefs that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. Should the legislation be enacted, those who disagree with the government’s new definition of marriage could be targeted for harassment, prosecution, and financial ruin.

While there are many problems with H.R. 8404, free speech and religious liberty are the heart of the matter. Compelling Americans to accept a new definition of marriage and then penalizing the expression of their religious beliefs is wrong.

Time is of the essence! The bill goes before the Senate on Monday, Nov. 28 to vote on an amendment in the bill — which does not go far enough to protect free speech and religious liberty. Please stand with CFFS and urge your Senators to vote no on H.R. 8404.