Tell Government to Stop Attacking Free Speech on School Campuses!

The Biden administration is once again attacking free speech–this time by introducing new language proposals for Title IX.

What does it all mean? What can you do?

Title IX was instituted by law in 1972 to ensure women had equal opportunities in education and most notably in competitive high school and college sports. In the law, the word “sex” was used simply to indicate those of the female or male gender.

During the Obama administration changes to the meaning of sex began to encompass any “lifestyle” as defined by politically correct bureaucrats and their allies in the administration, media, and academia.

In 2017, the Trump administration began updating the draconian rules used by the Obama administration. The process was completed less than two years ago. That long process of consideration protected legal and free speech rights.

Now, the Biden administration wants to return to Obama-era definitions of sex and push through the proposed changes beginning in mid-September.

Soon schools could again set up campus “show trial” courts that destroy free speech with little or no recourse. In addition, the changes would erode due process–fundamental to a just society.

Free speech of students, teachers, and staff at any level will be violated if they:

  • Remotely question these lifestyles that run contrary to their own long-established values.
  • Say anything someone might find offensive.

The message is clear: Keep quiet!

Faculty may again be fired while students could be expelled and censured. Careers and personal dreams may be washed away by a hostile bureaucracy.

And concerned citizens can hardly overestimate the chilling effect free speech who have on an entire generation.

In sum, this rule would reject the Supreme Court’s narrow definition of sexual harassment in favor of a definition that threatens to drown free speech rights, silence the athletic and education ambitions of high school and college women, and threaten any student who dares to speak up.

We are calling on Congress to limit the Department of Education’s ability to use so-called informal guidance to interpret and enforce federal rules.

Please join us and stop Title IX changes! Let your representatives know that free speech is at stake before it’s too late.