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Free Speech Requires Your Active Participation

America’s tradition of civil discourse has been trodden down by government overreach that implements policies like face masks and social distancing. Consider the damage:

Freedom to worship – Churches mandated to follow government policies like wearing masks, social distancing, limited attendance, etc.
Freedom of speech – Who has anything to say with a face muzzle over their mouth?

Freedom of the press – Big Tech massively censors anyone and everyone who dares to refute their narrative, including doctors, scientists and other health professionals.

Freedom to assemble peaceably – Between social distancing and capacity limitations, most Americans have simply stayed home.

Freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances – Because of the state of emergency, government leaders from top to bottom will not even listen to their constituents, much less address their pressing needs.

The first step in getting started is to put yourself on record. Not everyone volunteers, but some will. Not everyone donates, but some can. Not everyone can reach thousands, but everyone can reach someone. We need each other because only together can we do great things. There is no time to wait, so please join us today!